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More sub catagories:
SB-packed accessories: Special lime nozzle,
Brass hollow nozzle,foam nozzle,
adjustable nozzles
Gaskets, O-Ring, seals
Gaskets, O-Ring, seals
Gaskets, O-Ring, seals,
membrane valve, Ventilating
valves (SB-packed accessories)
Replacement blades
Replacement blades
Replacement blades for
Gloria Shredders
(SB-packed parts)
Pumps and Rods
Pumps and Rods
Quick acting valves
Quick acting valves
Spray lances & Extensions
Spray lances & Extensions
Spray hoses
Spray hoses
Spray shields
Spray shields
Sprayer accessories
Sprayer accessories
Further Parts & Accessories
Further Parts & Accessories
Accessories for special applicat
Accessories for special applicat
Universal foam nozzle, Marking ring sets with dosing aid
(CM05, CM 10, CM 12), Special spray lances (FM)


New Products

SEAL-SET CPL. (Knapsack sprayers) SEAL-SET CPL. (Knapsack sprayers)
suitable to Knapsack sprayers
Hobby 1800, Pro 1300, Pro 1800
24,89 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'SEAL-SET CPL. (Knapsack sprayers)' order
GASKET SET prima 3 (SB) GASKET SET prima 3 (SB)
suitable to GLORIA pressure sprayer "prima 3"
7,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'GASKET SET prima 3 (SB)' order
replacement part for no.728368.0000

12,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'FOAM NOZZLE ASSY. CPL.' order
GLORIA Compressor connection valve GLORIA Compressor connection valve
exclusively suitable for a multiplicity of 5 liter and 8 liter GLORIA pressure sprayers
as prima 5 type 39 TE and 42 E, primex 5, prima 8, Spray&Paint (5 liter),
further models on request.
Enabled the automatic buildup of pressure and spares the manual pumping.
The valve is rotatable, long time interval for constant spraying.

10,89 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'GLORIA Compressor connection valve' order
Transport trolley Transport trolley
suitable for all high pressure sprayers 10 l since 2007
410 T, 410 TI, 410 TK, 410 TKS, 510 T, 510 TK,
type 415

62,81 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Transport trolley' order
Genuine 1/2 Genuine 1/2" to 3/4" inch adapter (SB)

suitable for hose trolley type 221, 223, 224.

Makes the hose trolley suitable for pump operation.

The waterflow is considerably increased by this accessory and the use of a fl inch hose.

15,70 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Genuine 1/2" to 3/4" inch adapter (SB)' order
Pressure controller Pressure controller
for GLORIA sprayers. Offers the possibility of adjusting the required operating pressure.
34,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Pressure controller' order
Klick&Go Retrofit-Kit Klick&Go Retrofit-Kit
suitable for all 5 L - and 10 L GLORIA-sprayers with 3 and 6 bar
39,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Klick&Go Retrofit-Kit' order
Spray shield type 280 Spray shield type 280

Ideal for accurate spraying of edges.

Suitable for pressure sprayer prima 5 (type 39 TE and 42 E), hobby (type 229 TS), hobby universal (type 261), hobby exclusiv (type 262), primex 5 (type 83).  
• Simple fitting by pushing onto the nozzle of the spray lance on the sprayer

• with hanging bracket for SB hook
• Diameter: 110 mm

8,09 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.
1 x 'Spray shield type 280' order

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